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Project Description

The Visit Palestine website has been built from the ground up and includes a multitude of features, including an eCommerce shop, a tour booking system, an extensive city directory and translation into five languages. The website’s old content was ported to the new system and substantial onsite SEO work was completed to ensure an optimal setup for the vast amount of content on the site.

In addition, an accompanying mobile app was created with the aid of the new WordPress REST API. The API was used to send a substantial part of the website content to the mobile app, which then can be used offline when touring the different cities.

SEO Results

The SEO efforts for Visit Palestine have helped them rank in the top 10 search engine results for an array of keywords in English and Arabic, such as:

  • “Palestine tourism”

  • “information about Palestine”

  • “restaurants in Ramallah”

Continued SEO efforts should yield similar results for the following languages; Spanish, Italian and German.

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